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Why are my lashes growing so wild?

As your lashes grow out, you may notice that they appear to be a little wild and unruly.  Don’t worry this is normal.  After washing your face, use a lash brush to tame your wet lashes and put them back in check.  A lash curler and a light coating of mascara can also help.


What is the best way to thoroughly clean my face and eyes?

One of the best things about lash serums is that you can wash your face completely, including your eyes and lashes.  Continue use of your regular facial cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your face, brows, and lashes prior to applying the serum.  A clean face and eyes ensures there is no dirt or contamination transferred to your application brush.  NO MORE washing around your eyelids to avoid ruining your lash extensions.


Can I use regular or waterproof mascara?

Yes, you can use mascara during your lash journey.  However, waterproof mascara can be a bit harsh and difficult to remove which can cause you to pull out some of your own lashes during makeup removal.  If for some reason you must use waterproof mascara, be very careful during the makeup removal process as to keep your new lashes intact.


Can I wear false lashes until my own lashes grow out?

It’s best not to wear false lashes during your lash journey.  However, we know that is not always possible when we want to look our best.  Wearing false lashes is possible as long as you choose your adhesive wisely and are very careful about how the lashes are removed.  Easy to remove strip lashes are your best option.

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