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My bridesmaids proposal included Lash4i for each of them. Although 3 of them did not know what it was, the other 5 went crazy when they saw it. We have one full year until my wedding day and we are all excited about what our lashes and brows will look like by 10/20/18

Allyson T. from Savannah

I started using Latisse years ago but the costs was just too much.  My lashes quickly went back to their regular length. Then I found Careprost and now my lashes are back to beautiful at a price I can keep up with. – Cheryl M. from San Diego























Lash4i is the best serum I’ve ever used and I like that it is made for lashes and not eye medication.  I’ve never had lashes this long and full. – Tara S. from Seattle

I really like that orders arrive quick.  This is great for those times I forget to stock up and I am only drops away from running out. - Miranda A. from Miami

I was skeptical when I purchased the starter kit.  After 4 weeks I was ready to give up but I decided to finish the bottle.  By week 6 I started to see a huge difference and purchased the basic kit to continue my journey. - Judith R. from Brooklyn



I have used Careprost with great results and usually stick with what I know works but when Careprost was out of stock I tried Lash4i.  Thankfully, I get the same great results with both serums. -  Hailey P. from Omaha

I love Naturally Lashed.  I am a new customer and had a ton of questions.  A customer service agent spent over 20 minutes explaining the pros, cons, benefits, and which kit I should start with. I can’t wait to get my kit and get started. - Corinne L. from Dallas

Naturally Lashed has the quickest delivery ever. It only took 3 days.. Thanks! - Sarah E. from Atlanta


This is my 2nd time having to purchase the “Lash Emergency”.  You would think I had learned my lesson from the first time but here I go again!  Thank you for saving me again. - Theresa B. from Chicago

My seasonal allergies have ruined more than one set of expensive lash extensions.  I had to find another way and Careprost was it.  Now I can have gorgeous lashes all year long. -

Trinity W.  from New Orleans

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