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BLINQ I-LASH is new, improved, and perfect for those who are new to lash serums. Like other lash serums it must be used daily for 6-8 weeks and then maitained with a 3x per week maintenance dose.  Maintenance doses are critical to maintaining the length and thickness of your new lashes.


BLINQ I-LASH is manufactured by a WHO compliant manufacturer and uses US FDA inspected raw material.  It has shown to increase growth 4.38% over leading lash serums.


Please Note:  The use of Lash Serums requires patience and commitment.  You must use daily, according to detailed instructions for at least 4-6 weeks before you will see visible results. 


Remember:  Overuse of lash serums will negatively affect your natural growth phases. Maintenance doses should only be administered 2 to 3 times per week.


$1,999.50 Regular Price
$999.75Sale Price
  • 100% Authentic lash serum that has the same active ingredient at the same strength as the most popular brand name lash serum on the market.

    Each bottle contains a 6-week supply of lash serum. (4 weeks if used on lashes and brows)

    Included with your purchase:

    (50) 3ml bottle of lash serum
    (100) fine tip eyeliner brush/per unit of lash serum

    (50) lash care cards
    (50) set of detailed instructions for proper and precise application



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